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report. and an occupy san jose demonstrators return to campus city hall but this time they have announced a departure date. >> good morning. live from mount tam, fog and low clouds are around parts of the bay but still sunshine and filed temperatures are to come.
outside san francisco city hall for thousands of fans to watch the giants try to clinch the world series tonight. >> and from mount tam, it's hazy now with a shallow layer of fog. i'll let you know how it will impact the
's networks... ♪ our city streets... skies around the world... ♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work, protecting people's lives... [ soldier ] move out! [ male announcer ] ...without their even knowing it. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. ♪ take it easy >>> president obama and i are each very lucky to have someone who's a comforting presence without whom we wouldn't be able to go through the day. i have my beautiful wife ann. he has bill clinton. >> sometimes it feels like this race has dragged on forever. but paul ryan reminds me that we have only been running for 2:50-something. >> i feel really well rested after the nice, long nap i had in the first debate. >> a little comic relief from the tuesday-night tension. we're back here with the roundtable. of course, the other big debate coming up tomorrow night, foreign policy is the focus. i would expect that tomorrow night, we'll see a little less ferocity. they're going to be sitting at a table. there could be another flash point on the issue of benghazi. it created a moment between
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)